Ztangi Press has been established as a web presence to serve as a portal.
Both old and new essays by Bernard Marszalek are available via the links below.

Establishing this “space” in April 2010, signals the re-emergence of Ztangi Press.
Founded in 1980 with the publication of "Polish August: Documents from the
Beginnings of the Polish Workers' Rebellion, Gdansk, August, 1980", the ZP
imprint appeared on various leaflets, manifestoes and rants that saw the light of day
only to be swallowed by the black hole of history, never to be archived.

Ztangi Press • PO Box 11255 • Berkeley, CA (California) 94701

Brief and transitory comments (literary and pictorial) will appear here.

Essays and longer comments.

The bottom of the book shelf.

The exploration of the play element of culture.